Multiple Word Prompt Story 5 July 2018-A Strange Trip

Good afternoon and welcome to today’s multiple prompt story brought to you by Dee @ ThrivingNotSurviving and TheHauntedWordsmith. Thanks, ladies!

A Strange Trip

Photo credit: Unsplash


One day driving down the road I saw an airplane flying

A Model-A was by my side as asphalt by was winding

Glancing over the driver seemed a whiter shade of pale

Staring at him now becoming evanescent,

I came up with this tale. A ghost he was it seems to me

From oh so long ago,

A phantom from a strange trip, maybe a UFO!

The next I saw while traveling on these western roads

A sign for Roswell, many sheep, and two three-headed toads

‘It’s time to vacate’ thought myself and turned around real quick,

Before this trip turns into one that really makes me sick.




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