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Multiple Prompt Story 25 July 2018

Today I will be combining three prompts, the Word of the Day, Three Things Challenge, and the photo prompt from Worth a Thousand Words #9. Here we go:

Photo credit: Couleur @Pixabay.com

Christmas in July

As the summer was winding down and school was getting ready to start, that was the time Cindy’s family‘s Christmas shopping began. Strange maybe, with everyone else doing their back-to-school shopping, Cindy’s Mom preferred to get a head start on holiday shopping with all the sales going on in July. You’ve surely heard of all the different companies that do those kinds of sales. From Wayfair to Barnes and Noble, there’s something for everyone. Retailers have a unique sensitivity to the shoppers needs and figure since July is a slow sales month, they can boost their revenue by getting shoppers to think about the holidays in the summer.

Today, Cindy’s Mom wanted to explore the goods at Christmas Town, one of the best places in Alabama for decorations year round. Inside were displays made of sparkly cotton on which rested everything from candy canes to smartly dressed snowmen, holiday train sets wandered through a snowy landscape.  Everywhere you looked were decorated Christmas trees with sparkling balls and glass ornaments in every style imaginable. Cindy tried to look everywhere at once, her eyes popping out of their sockets at all the available merchandise. Cindy was past the point of caring what anyone thought of her as she giggled and ran through the store, marveling at the Christmas wonderland before her.

Her mom even had to laugh seeing how crazy for Christmas Cindy was. Together, they decided on a theme for this year’s tree and shopped for all the coordinating decorations. It was a magical day spending quality time with her mother that Cindy would always remember.

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Multiple Prompts Story 20 July 2018-Girls On The Court

Today I bring to you a multiple word prompt story from 3TC and WOD called Girls On the Court. I hope you like it.

Girls on the Court

photo credit: Unsplash by Adam Le Sommer

Stephen was always one of those kids in middle school who thought girls belonged in pretty dresses and did arts or something while the boys were the ones to excel at sports. He soon discovered that was not always the case. In his junior year of high school he met Samantha, she went by Sam for short. She didn’t always where a dress but sometimes, she wore those shorts with the many layers of lace which showed off her beautiful, long legs. Sam was a tall girl, very athletic, and one afternoon Stephen came upon her and several other girls playing basketball. ‘Oh my God’, he thought, ‘look at all those talented, gorgeous girls doing layups, making baskets right and left. This is fantastic!’ His eyes twinkled with mirth, but he didn’t let Sam see that…or so he thought. Sam had been checking him out since his arrival on the court and had been doing some showing off. Suddenly, she pulled the girls into a huddle and asked them if they were cool with Stephen joining their game. They agreed and Sam crooked a finger at Stephen. “Wanna play?” What a joyful discovery this was to learn that girls could excel at sports too! “I thought you’d never ask” he replied with a mischievous grin.

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Multiple Prompt Story 19 July 2018

God bless America, it truly is the dog days of summer out there today! I hope you all are drinking copious amounts of fluid and staying in where it’s cool (if you live where the temps are reaching 109 like us here in Texas), some places registered 114! So, anyhoo, I am late with tonight’s post, as I have been studying, swimming, Nd otherwise laying around today trying to conserve energy.

Brought to you as usual by the 3TC and the WOD, today’s prompt words will be bolded. Let’s get on with it:

Hot Summer Nights

The boy walked down the street feeling the warm, sussurous breeze on his neck as well as the butterflies in his stomach. He was on his way to the school dance, the last one of the year. It was a disco, he was nervous about that, but more nervous since his crush Kayla would be there. Would she even notice him? He picked a June bug off his new Abercrombie shirt, why did they call them June bugs when they started arriving in May?

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Multiple Prompt Story 17 July 2018

Ok, by now I hope you know that the day’s story is brought to you by Thriving Not Surviving and The Haunted Wordsmith, but just in case you don’t know, or need help-click on the links and check out their sites! 🙂

Connie To The Rescue

Connie checked her calendar and then the weather channel and saw that there was the potential for stormy weather. She hopped into her Jeep, the one she had played the devil trying to get fixed, and went over to Kim’s house to do her nails. Kim had recently had knee surgery and could not get out to have them done herself and Connie had all the necessary equipment. Kim was so happy that Connie came to do her nails, she baked her a 90-second Cinnamon Mug Cake with Cream Cheese frosting!

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Multiple Word Prompt 6 July 2018-Flowers On the Wall

Today’s story is brought to you by FOWC, 3TC, WOD, and youtube, lol!

Flowers on the Wall

Janie and Kyle were cuddling on the couch at his parent’s house one dark and rainy afternoon. She could see he was feeling rather amorous and decided it was time for a diversion. She asked him if he remembered any of the shows from his childhood like The Electric Company or Sesame Street. He answered back, “Oh yes, my favorite was Captain Kangaroo,” to which Janie replied, “That reminds me of a funny Statler Brothers song called Flowers on the Wall. Have you ever heard it?”

Kyle told her he objected to this line of questioning and knew exactly what she was doing. “Wha? Who, me?” Janie giggled and then snuggled back into him, held up her phone and played the video for him on YouTube. Soon, they were both singing along and then they decided to listen to the theme songs from Sesame Street and The Electric Company. She never realized they had so much in common, but then again, they were in their early 20’s so the memories were still fresh in their minds. It was the 90’s after all.

After some time of strolling down memory lane, Kyle remembered one more show from his childhood and said to Janie, “I bet you’ve never heard of the Wuzzles!” Janie thought for a minute and said, “Yes, yes I do! My younger brother used to watch it on Saturday morning and the voices were very big stars like Henry Gibson and Jo Ann Worley! “Right!” Kyle exclaimed and kissed Janie right on the mouth. He was so excited to be sharing all these memories with her and knew they were a match made in heaven.