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Multiple Prompt Story 12 July 2018-Mom’s Needlepoint

Today’s tale is brought to you by 3TC, WOD,  & FOWC who post the word prompts every day.

Mom’s Needlepoint

Photo credit: EBay
Not my mother’s needlepoint

My mother used to find solace in creating her needlepoint tapestries. I would sit and watch her and wonder how she made such beautiful artwork with such small patterns, I was never good with needlework. She tried to teach me embroidery, but I had little patience for it. My talent lies elsewhere, and I felt it was my job just to keep her company and talk to her about visiting far away places like New York, or what some folks call the Big Apple. We were also guilty of whiling away the afternoons watching comedies together like The Carol Burnett Show, All In The Family, and Good Times. I was her accomplice in that once I was grown and just came back for weekly visits. I miss her every day and now I wish I had a sample of that needlepoint to display as a remembrance of her and her creativity. She never gave herself much credit, but I think she was very talented.


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