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Inktober #12 Slippery

This is what I learned upon researching slippery elm: Has been used as an herbal remedy in North America for centuries. Native Americans used the bark to treat wounds, ulcers, gastric conditions, burns, sore throats, diarrhea, IBS, coughs, and other skin conditions. It was even rumored to cause a miscarriage, so caution should be used… Continue reading Inktober #12 Slippery

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Multiple Prompt Story 12 July 2018-Mom’s Needlepoint

Today's tale is brought to you by 3TC, WOD,  & FOWC who post the word prompts every day. Mom's Needlepoint My mother used to find solace in creating her needlepoint tapestries. I would sit and watch her and wonder how she made such beautiful artwork with such small patterns, I was never good with needlework.… Continue reading Multiple Prompt Story 12 July 2018-Mom’s Needlepoint

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Three Things Challenge, 11 June 2018

Today's Three Things Challenge comes from The Haunted Wordsmith and you can click on her link to find out more. Here is my story: Almost Gone Sarah and Danny were celebrating the fact that they just got a new cat, a rescue of sorts since Sarah found her in her dad's old boat. As they… Continue reading Three Things Challenge, 11 June 2018


Three Things Challenge-06/06/2018

  Dog, hairball, and science fiction are the Three Things in the challenge today, designed by A Haunted Wordsmith .Here's my attempt: Brandy and Whiskey Save The Day   While watching a movie of pure science fiction, I keenly observed some growing friction Between my kitten Callie and my two adorable Shorkies. The cat seemed… Continue reading Three Things Challenge-06/06/2018