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Crystal Beach-Arrival Day

This account of our vacation to Crystal Beach, Tx is dedicated to my husband who could not be with me this time, due to his procurement of a new job. He will be sorely missed!

We finally arrived after a stressful six hour ride, through storms and an expectation of a time arrival. Well, we didn’t make said deadline, yet everyone lived anyway! 😉

We met up with my brother-in-law and together we made our way to Galveston for the grocery shopping because it is too expensive on Crystal Beach. I stayed and watched the truck, since the bed was filled to the brim with four peoples belongings and my knee is a mess.

Finally, we made it to the ferry…to sit and wait another while longer. We got to our “cabin” around 4:30, unloaded all of our stuff up three flights of stairs and decided to go for a short while to the beach. Kaebre and Connie were ready to dive in but myself, knowing my limits once the brace is off my knee, not to mention, the wind was cool and what if I got wet? I’m a big wuss about being cold, I hate to admit it.

I figured, I have 6 more days to enjoy, I’m sure I will get in the water when it warms up. The day had been overcast and stormy with unseasonable temperatures for August. Soon, we were all hungry and made our way back to start a simple dinner of pork chops, a delicious ready-made salad and Bubba made instant mashed potatoes from a bag (yes, I had a small spoonful). I am also letting my hair down more than usual and enjoying some keto approved tasty beverages…maybe a couple more than you’re supposed to.

The picture does not do the view justice

After dinner and some visiting, I decided to check my emails while the rest of the family went back to walk along the darkened beach. Again, I can’t do the things I usually do, so I will do what I know I’m capable of. While they were gone I watched Great Expectations, put the linens on my bed, and made my keto dessert. I checked my emails and answered my blogger buddies. Then after they got back, I kept Bubba company since Connie and Kaebre retired early. (I can function on very little sleep)

I love our talks because I learn so much about his job and about our family dynamic that I never knew before. Let me just say, some things are gonna change in that respect. Now, I’m finally tired, I have a tension knot behind my right shoulder blade and I think I should get some rest before whatever adventures tomorrow brings. I look forward to meeting my blogger friend Roxy (The Oily Guru) at least one day this week while we are here!

PS: I never figured out how to schedule posts, I may blog a few times about our vacation instead. 😊


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