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Bloggers Need Feedback

Good morning everyone, actually, its fast approaching afternoon. We are finally getting some rain, thanks be to God!!

I want to ask a quick question of all my wonderful readers/followers/audience-however you identify.

Why, for the love of chocolate, won’t you give a girl some feedback? I promise you won’t hurt my feelings.

A few days ago, I posted “While I’m Away” and asked for feedback on the story I included called “Toasted” and no one said a word. Crickets. Which is why I have not set anymore stories to post. Us bloggers need to hear what you all think, so we know if like it, want more, hate it, would rather watch paint dry…you get what I’m saying, right?

I know I’m not the only one who has asked for feedback, and I try to provide it to other bloggers where time permits, but surely out of the 17 people that “liked” the post, one would have some comment or opinion to share. However, no one did.

I’m going to try again, a fellow blogger has been kind enough to show me how to schedule posts, but first I have to figure out how to get the stories from Medium to here to post them each day next week. Wish me luck, if I’m successful, you should see a new story to critique each day.

The other reason feedback is important is so we know what to do to improve. If I am not a good storyteller, I’d rather find that out now so I put my energy elsewhere, or go take a creative writing class, whatever! So do me a favor and please let me know what you think. A like just means you saw and possibly read the post, which is important…don’t get me wrong, but feedback is gold!

Ok, enough of this piffle, back to work! See what I did there? 😉

Thank you in advance! Y’all have a wonderful week and I’ll be checking in from the beach!


4 thoughts on “Bloggers Need Feedback

  1. The Haunted Wordsmith says:

    Finding feedback on creative writing blog posts is difficult because most people don’t want to hurt people’s feelings. I think when it comes to blogging, the key piece of advice that everyone seems to give, is write what you like. I don’t read on Medium or any other membership based site. I would love to earn money from my writing but not by excluding readers. In regards to the post you are wanting critiqued, in all honesty, it has a lot of issues that can, for some, distract from the story you are trying to tell. There are also formatting errors. Some rules can be broken, and some are best left alone. None of these things require classes to learn, but taking classes can provide one-on-one critique, which for some people, is what they want. I would find it far too stressful.

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    • Thanks for proving feedback!
      Just so you know, Medium is free, I just chose to pay $5 a month so I could be included in certain writing groups, it wasn’t to earn money until I found out recently that they implemented a Partner Program. I don’t write on Medium every day, more like once or twice a week…to date I’ve made .01 🤣
      When you write on Medium, there s no formatting. Or maybe I just don’t know how. I barely know how to include pictures to go with the stories.
      I’m not sure what you mean by issues that are distracting from the story, that would be helpful to know.
      My whole idea was to kill two birds with one stone; post stories daily while I’m on vacation or busy with other things, and get them critiqued at the same time.
      I appreciate your comment anyway, it shows me you read the post and cared enough to say something. Thanks!


      • The Haunted Wordsmith says:

        Many Medium writers do not post for the free reader. As a free reader, you get three free reads a month. At least from what I know. When reading online, people know there are no paragraph indents and this is forgiven. However, when someone speaks (unless it is following an action tag), it start’s its own line so there is a difference between the narrative and dialogue. One distracting issue, for me, was the narrator. If your MC is the narrator, then much of your narrator’s voice could be the MC’s dialogue. Otherwise, the narrator’s voice is awkward (gonna vs. going to for example).

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