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The Verdict is in Plus a Personal Update

Well people, I have sad news to report- the verdict is in and I lost the battle for the right to flush my wipes. After 24 hours, more than half but not all of the wipe dissolved, making it dangerous to enter the sewer system, where it could become entangled in the roots and or clog up the pipes. Damn the luck. I did the experiment, my fire and enthusiasm have been quashed. Oh well, the manufacturers need to go back to the drawing board and design a better product, that’s all there is to it. I have included some pics and a short video if I can get it to work.

Wipe after 2 hours

Wipe after 8 hours

Well, the video will not load for security reasons, but it showed that after 24 hours, part of it was still intact. Remember the claim that it started dissolving right after you flush? Poppycock! False advertising! Don’t do it people, you’ve been warned 😉

On a more personal note, the MRI I was supposed to get has still not been approved, the doctor is fighting with the insurance company to try to get it done. He has asked for a specific protocol that the insurance company just does not understand. They evidently think my problem does not warrant such a special MRI and on top of that, they want to charge me for three separate images instead of one. Let me explain.

The Zimmer Protocol just means that the technician would take measurements of my hip, knee, and ankle, in the event that a total knee replacement would be necessary. They won’t be taking images of anything but my knee. The insurance company and the billing department at the imaging place are misunderstanding the orders. So the doctor is trying to explain it to them so I can get this done.

Here is what is hilarious (not really, more like infuriating) to me, I was quoted a price of $1,056 for the MRI with insurance and when they refused to cover it, I asked how much would private pay be? She said $550 at first, and I thought wth??? Then she called back and said she made a mistake because they ordered the Zimmer protocol, it would be over $1600 because they would be doing three images! That’s where she’s wrong. So, I just hope they can all come together and get it figured out, I need to get this done so my doctor will know how to proceed, this will determine which type of surgery I’m a candidate for.

I don’t want to go into a long diatribe about whether it’s better to be covered by insurance or not, because, at this point, I don’t really know! If I do use the insurance, however, it will go towards my deductible, which is a good thing, then I will be covered at 80% for the surgery…if they don’t deny that too.


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