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Some Down Some to Go

The fact that I am a little bit more mobile in my new knee brace had me itching to do some yardwork this weekend on the one warm day we had. Of course, I must have overdone it, because while vacuuming a while ago, I bent over and my back said “Uh Oh” at which point, I put it back in the closet (I was pretty much done anyway) and flopped down on the floor to try and pop my back, hip, or whatever is causing the pain.

A bit of progress in my beds on Saturday

Well, now some of the weeds are missing, but I still have some to go. It’s in the 50’s today, so that won’t be an activity I’m willing to pursue today, in fact, I’m having a hard time convincing myself to leave the house at all…and I really need vanilla, lol.

While I have you here, let me please share the news about a new app I got today, I wrote a post about it on the Keto for Beginners blog. It’s called the KetoDietQuizApp and it is a game, resources, and helpful info all-in-one! If you like testing your knowledge, learning fun facts, or just playing games, this one’s for you! Go check it out!


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