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I Can’t Get No…Action

Well, turns out I’ll be spending my birthday trying not to be miserable…my hip is out, which is very painful, on top of the jacked up mess that my knee already was. I wish I could just leave the yard alone, listen to my husband when he says, “You shouldn’t be doing that” when I want to pull weeds. I had my knee brace on and was careful not to squat, however, all the bending must have set me up for this disaster and now I can hardly move without pain. I just took some Robaxin in an effort to relax the muscle so that maybe I can pop it back in, my hip that is. I changed the words of Mick’s song to read, “I can’t get no action” instead of satisfaction, lol. I’m writing while I can, before the pill takes effect and I fall asleep.

I want to thank everyone who has wished me a happy birthday, I hope you all have a fabulous day yourselves!


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