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So Little Time


Photo credit: Jon Tyson for Unsplash

Good morning everyone, and how are you on this rainy, yet pleasant day? I am happy because the issue of Therapeutic Thymes with my newest article arrived yesterday! It is exciting to see your name listed as a contributor and in the bios of a print magazine. (Subscriptions are available for $15 for 4 issues through their website)

Online writing is great as well, and my articles in VitaBella Magazine paid the same amount, yet there is just something about holding a book or magazine that feels especially satisfying. 🙂

Rainy days are good for writing, so I’m hoping to be super productive today, yet my brain is all over the place and I could be easily distracted 😉  Like, I know there is an unfinished Diamond Art painting that I could be working on, while listening to my current audiobook, 16th Seduction by James Patterson.

I also did not sleep well, so there could be a nap in my future…Oh who am I kidding, that will never happen! Rain just makes me wish I could have stayed in bed a little longer, I feel cheated somehow. 🙂

Had the 2nd half of my sample today

Anyway, I have some focus music on, I have had my ketones, coffee, and breakfast, so I’m about to kick it into high gear…wish me luck everyone, so much to do and so little time!!! Must write a new article, plan for Bunco this weekend, housework, and promote my new business! A woman’s work is never done as they say! Happy Tuesday everyone!


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