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#JusJoJan 1-17-22 Filled with Joy

Steph and I in 2020

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 17th, 2022, is “joy.” Use the word “joy” any way you’d like. Enjoy!

I was delighted to hear from Lynn last night that Stephanie needed me to come work for her for a few days. Seeing her this morning filled me with joy because I have missed being able to help her, now that she has Christina full time. Poor thing is under the weather right now, but will be back on Thursday, hopefully.

However, once we got going, I realized two things very quickly. One, I am terribly out of shape. Two, I have forgotten a lot! Lynn, Stephanie’s dad, was there, thank goodness, and helped me do much of the work. I am so glad I brought him goodies today, he really deserved them! We shared some of our home made summer sausage, baracha beans, and some chocolate chip brownie bread. I hope the beans and sausage were better than the bread. It was a tad bit dry.

Hopefully, the fact that I took a walk once I finally got home (I had many errands) will make me less sore tomorrow. I doubt it though, I’m old. 😜😘

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So Little Time


Photo credit: Jon Tyson for Unsplash

Good morning everyone, and how are you on this rainy, yet pleasant day? I am happy because the issue of Therapeutic Thymes with my newest article arrived yesterday! It is exciting to see your name listed as a contributor and in the bios of a print magazine. (Subscriptions are available for $15 for 4 issues through their website)

Online writing is great as well, and my articles in VitaBella Magazine paid the same amount, yet there is just something about holding a book or magazine that feels especially satisfying. 🙂

Rainy days are good for writing, so I’m hoping to be super productive today, yet my brain is all over the place and I could be easily distracted 😉  Like, I know there is an unfinished Diamond Art painting that I could be working on, while listening to my current audiobook, 16th Seduction by James Patterson.

I also did not sleep well, so there could be a nap in my future…Oh who am I kidding, that will never happen! Rain just makes me wish I could have stayed in bed a little longer, I feel cheated somehow. 🙂

Had the 2nd half of my sample today

Anyway, I have some focus music on, I have had my ketones, coffee, and breakfast, so I’m about to kick it into high gear…wish me luck everyone, so much to do and so little time!!! Must write a new article, plan for Bunco this weekend, housework, and promote my new business! A woman’s work is never done as they say! Happy Tuesday everyone!