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This morning as I reflected on what to share regarding the Word of the Day Challenge, I thought about updating my status here as well, then I decided not to, as y’all have probably heard enough.

What I DID decide to do is share a couple of good books for you to check out and introduce those who may not know her to a wonderful author; C. Hope Clark. Hope runs the highly successful newsletter, Funds For Writers which is a guide to paying markets and so much more. She always has an encouraging word for up and coming as well as established writers, so if you are interested in learning more about her and/or finding a home for your work, click on the link.

She recently asked for reviews of some of her books on Goodreads and offered me a free copy of Dying on Edisto in exchange for a review. I have been reading it at night and love it already! Her stories are set in South Carolina and since I used to live in South Carolina, I knew I would love it. (I was very small then but I have a few memories of Myrtle Beach and other snippets of that time period) PS-I’m getting no compensation for any of this, just sharing knowledge for anyone interested.

Book 5 in the series

This book is part of a series she’s written, I’m sure now that I will want to read the first four! Again, check out her newsletter for links to all her books and where to buy them, see reviews, and more interesting information. So much awesome information is packed into these newsletters, you are sure to benefit by checking it out.

Here is a brief intro to the book;

“When a renowned -and now dead-travel blogger washes ashore on the banks of Indigo Plantation, Police Chief Callie Morgan of Edisto Beach agrees to head the investigation as a favor to the county sheriff, who’s reasons are as questionable as the death itself.”

I do hope you check this and the rest of her series out, you will love the books as much as I do!

Ok, now for the second book which is free from Authors Publish and brought to you by Freedom With Writing, another wonderful source of paid writing publications. Click on this link to get the free book; 182 Short Fiction Publishers, a guide to 182 possible places to submit your writing. This is a totally free eBook, downloadable immediately-I always download to my iBook or Kindle and read later.

I hope my blog post today has provided some of you with useful information, if so, I will feel a sense of accomplishment at helping someone today!

Have a wonderful Monday 🙂



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