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WOD-07-30-19-Illustrate-Making a Point

Word of the Day Challenge

Good morning everyone and a special thanks to all of my Words on a Page followers who noticed my other blog’s name change and commented on it yesterday!

Yes, I changed the name again, and when my husband got home, he pointed out that it might be confusing to some, yet when he read the tag line, he assured me all was ok.

Even so, I feel I need to illustrate the point just in case. My old blog Keto For Beginners is now Alternative Lifestyle, which was named to broaden the type of content to encompass everything alternative health-wise.

Obviously, I’m a happily married woman, so any other connotation the new name might conjure up, please know it’s not about THAT!

I just felt like Keto For Beginners was too restrictive, plus the fact that I can’t get in the kitchen and whip up new recipes, spurred me into the action I had been thinking about for a while. I wanted to change and make a broader website for more alternative health information, yet did not pull the trigger on it until my situation sort of warranted it.

Now that I have, expect more content there ranging from diet, to my use of essential oils, to controversial subjects like CBD, cannabis, and other subjects related to alternative health. Yes, I do have to take real medication on a daily basis, but I have gotten off some of it through these methods and others. My goal is to educate, entertain, and share my experiences with alternative medicine and alternative health in general.

If anyone has a better suggestion for the name so as not to confuse anyone, I am open to it! My interpretation of the new name is that everything I do is a choice to live a more natural life, using good food, herbs, oils, exercise, gardening and more to accomplish my goal. I may not be as hardcore as some people are with it, yet I do grow my own herbs, depend on less medication, eat less processed foods than what is considered the norm. I even listen to “alternative” music, so I might enlighten readers with some of my favorite bands! No topic is off limits (except maybe politics), and I’ll try to answer any questions the best I can.

Oh yes, I will still talk about my Keto lifestyle as well, but there is so much more to share! I hope you’ll join me as I branch out once again. 🙂



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