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The Need to Grow-#SoCS Friday

I cannot think of a more appropriate Stream of Consiousness Saturday prompt than this one today…”ground” is the word Linda G Hill has given us. Now, after watching this super-important film this morning that was brought to my attention in an email from David Perlmutter,MD- an expert on gut health and the author of Grain Brain, I feel that this is so ground breaking that I have to share it.

You have 4 days to be able to watch it for free. I will share the link herehere.

No human being on the planet should miss this film.

This film is the answer to how we are going to feed the world without destroying the earth. If you eat, you are responsible to be part of the solution. We can all do a small part, whether by donations, or starting our own composts, and/or gardens. Can you tell I’m a little bit fired up?? 🙂

It will take about an hour of your time to watch this film, I would love to hear some feedback! Please watch, if all of us work together, we can make a difference. If an inventor, a farmer, and an 8-year-old girl can make this big of a difference, think of what we all can do together!!



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