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WOD Challenge-10-09-19-Insurmountable

Word of the Day Challenge


Fall in Texas

The acorns littering my yard, walk, and driveway

There is insurmountable evidence

That there’s really fall in Texas

As I lay in bed and hear the acorns

Hit the roof and roll down the drive

No we don’t have the splendid foliage change

The folks up north may experience

Yet there’s definitely a feeling in the air

Change is coming soon.

My mending bones can feel it

Rain is in the forecast

Today may feel like summer

But we all know it won’t last

Apple cider tastes extra special this time of the year

Our lawn is starting to yellow too

And geese flying over the house are hard not to hear.

The leaves are falling and the temps are getting cool

Soon it will be impossible to keep them from the pool.





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