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WOD Challenge-10-29-19-Naive

Word of the Day Challenge

More For Me

Is it so naive of me

To think Halloween can be sugar-free

Would it not be better for health

No matter of your current wealth

The main point for kiddos is dressing up

Getting scared, and filling up

Their bags and seeing who gets the most loot

Who cares if they get toys and fruit

Instead of junk that rots their teeth

Yes, I know it’s only one day that week

The practice sets up habits so bad

Leading to disease, obesity, truly it’s sad

So I for one will give sugar-free candy

Or other things that might come in handy

Toothbrushes maybe, or some floss

Even if they might get later tossed

At least I feel I’m doing my part

To protect their teeth, maybe even their ❤️ heart

If this makes me Scrooge, so it be

That just means there will be more for me!




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