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WOD Challenge-12-12-19 Belated

Word of the Day Challenge

I had to wish my Cuz a belated birthday yesterday, had it not been for social media, I would have forgotten it all together. When did we all become so disconnected? This is the girl I used to pick pecans with at our grandparents house during the Thanksgiving holiday, sing silly songs with in her mom’s car (Aunt Shirley) and play ping-pong with at her home in Mississippi. I looked forward to the annual trip every November, usually getting sick in anticipation of seeing all my cousins, grandparents and aunts and uncles. It was the only time of year this occurred. Once my grandparents passed away, the trips stopped, and we all slowly grew apart. Well, Mary Kate, I hope you had an amazing birthday…I know you did because everyday you are blessed because of your enormous faith, your sweet heart, and the love of your family.

Happy belated Birthday, Cuz!


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