WOD Challenge 1-7-20- Zoo

Last Christmas with our pups Brandy and Whiskey

I’m literally wracking my brain here trying to come up with a good story for today’s Word of the Day Challenge prompt.

I figured I would speak to life around here with our three fur babies, Whiskey, Brandy, and Callie…how it’s sometimes similar to a zoo, what with all the feedings, grooming, accidents, toys in the way, wildlife being brought in the house-you know, life with pets. Yet somehow the story feels weak, other people have it way worse than us. It’s only like a zoo occasionally, most days are calm and serene, at times you might find us all together relaxing in the living room, the cat on one end of the couch, Whiskey at my feet and Brandy at Dave’s…all of them snoozing away.

Then again you might have heard about the horror story I walked in on one day, after the cat chased a bird in the house and I came home to find a scene similar to a break in with blood (or something) on the floor, feathers EVERYWHERE, and my side tables wiped clean of their contents. Or the time one of the dogs (most likely Brandy) brought in a baby squirrel unbeknownst to us, and I woke the next morning to find this dead thing at the foot of the bed…it had been there all night as we slept!

Our dogs are mixed breed, they are called Shorkies-half Shitzu and half Yorkshire terrier. They are every bit as good as the cat when it comes to hunting and killing rodents. We have had our share of mice in the house, I think the score is even on who has caught and or killed the most. Luckily, if I manage to see them alive, I rescue and relocate them, if they are dead, my hubby usually takes care of that for me.

Then there was the time the possum out back in my neighbor’s yard had her babies on top of the fence, dropped them into my yard and I had to go rescue them. Wait, maybe it is like a zoo around here after all!


Word of the Day Challenge


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