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WOD Challenge 1-8-20 Turning and JusJoJan Prompt 1-8-20 Happiness

One of my favorite pictures. Josh, with his 1st born, Delaney

I just wished my second born, Joshua, to receive nothing but positive outcomes and happiness today, since he is turning 34 today!

I sent him the historical facts from MSN on this day and was shocked to see no mention of Elvis being born this day. Hmph!

I posted on his Facebook page a Happy Birthday and have cards waiting to mail, albeit late, better than never! His dad will be sending him cash, since he needs that more than anything right now, and my fervent wish is for him to hear the news that he got the job today.

My happiness depends on the outcome, will he get it and keep it because he loves it so? I truly hope so!! Although my thoughts are turning to what is happening in the middle east, I will not let that cloud the joy I feel for my son celebrating his birthday. It’s not miraculous that he made it to 34, yet it has been a bumpy road and I for one am happy he is still here to celebrate.

All three of my sons have travelled bumpy roads through the course of their lives, yet they are all special and I love them because of their individuality, flaws, quirks, talents, good looks, and all. May 2020 be the turning point in all three of their lives, may their eyes open up to the possibilities, and the have just a bit of luck to reach their seemingly insurmountable goals this year.

Heck, I wish that for you and me as well!

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