WOD Challenge, #JusJoJan, & SSSSWP 1-14-20 Beyond My Reach

Jessy Hoffman for Unsplash

Beyond My Reach

Is it not beyond my reach I’d meet a gazelle one day?

Then gaze into it’s soulful eyes and pen something wonderful to say?

I’d have to find a way to publish that resulting, pile of rubbish.

Yet what would happen if they liked it? It could go viral, even skyrocket!

Nah, not me-hasn’t happened yet, all I  know is rejection.

But meeting one (the gazelle I mean), would be cause for much reflection.


Word of the Day Challenge



Brought to you by Linda, Dee, and Tien with their challenges: JusJoJan, Wod Challenge, and Sunday’s Six Sentence Word Prompt

Click on the highlighted words in the silly poem above to find the posts for each challenge. That’s it, have fun!


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