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JusJoJan & SoCS 1-18-20 A New Twist on a Classic Tale

Well this week Linda has a difficult (to me anyway) prompt for our combo #JusJoJan and #SoCS posts, and I notice the trend to handle this one seems to be “do it with dialogue.” So I will give that a go and see what we come up with!

Me-“Honey, what was the last movie we saw? I mean, we haven’t actually gone to a movie in a long time.”

Dave-“You know, I can’t remember either.”

Me- “Well, after reading some of the other people’s posts, I realized that the last movie we saw was also during the holidays.”

Dave- “Oh yea? What was it?”

Me- “It was that strange one on FX I just had to watch, a new twist on the classic tale A Christmas Carol. Remember it had Guy Pierce and Stephen Graham in it?”

Dave- “I guess I didn’t pay that much attention.”

Me-“Well, I’m not surprised, you always have your head in that game lately.”

Dave-“I still saw it with you, I listen.”

Me- “Ok, Ok. Speaking of going to the movies.”

Dave- “Oh, no. I knew that was coming. I’ll take you to see something soon.”

Me- “It’s ok, I know we haven’t had a lot of time to go lately. I do have one in mind though that I’ve been eyeballing the trailers to.”

Dave- “Oh yea? Is it scary?”

Me- “Does a chicken have lips?” (In other words, he knows me too well) “Actually, it’s not as scary as it is mysterious. It’s that new whodunnit.”

Dave- “Right, is it still at the theater?”

Me- “I’m not sure, I will have to check it out. It has Jamie Lee Curtis in it, is that a deal killer?”

Dave- “I guess I can suffer through it for you.”

Me- “Aww, that’s why I love you so much, you’re willingness to sacrifice for me. I think you would like it anyway. It looks good.”

Dave- “When we get a free night, or maybe Sunday afternoon.”


I’ll keep y’all posted, lol.





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