WOD Challenge & JusJoJan Prompts 1-26-20 Wistful/Busy

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I’m feeling a bit wistful at the thought I could have been doing more with my blogs all this time than I have, like sharing it with friends in some other way than just social media. (Now that a couple of friends have taken notice because they are trying keto.) On one hand, I’m happy to help out in what ever way I can, offering advice or what has worked for me. On the other, I wish I had developed an email list or created a newsletter that I could share with all my friends, and all this work I have done for the last few years would have possibly benefitted them and they could have shared it with THEIR friends and…you get the idea. Us bloggers stay busy and probably so much in our own heads, we don’t share our stuff with anyone but other bloggers. Maybe that’s because we are such an accepting community, we support each other, and no one is mean spirited or hurtful like the public can be on social media. Am I making sense to anyone but myself here? I guess my point is, we should be proud of the work we do and share it with more people, because you never know who it might help, touch in some way, or benefit.

I’ve been leaving it all up to chance, hoping friends find me through social media, or word of mouth instead of being intentional and sending my posts directly to their emails. What’s the worst that could happen? If they like it and it helps them, that’s great, if not, there’s a delete button.

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