SoCS 2-22-20 Animal Sounds-Dogs Will Hunt

I’m holding Brandy in this pic from a year or two ago

I have two shorkies who act like twins although they are not related whatsoever. They differ so much in the way they “talk” to us. Brandy, the youngest, barks at squirrels through the bedroom window and the sounds she makes sounds like a cross between a bark and a whimper, her frustration clear because she can’t get through the window to the squirrel. Whiskey on the other hand, has a distinct noise she makes when she is hungry and/or begging for food…a strange guttural whining sound in between sneezes and smiles that seem to say, “Can’t you see I’m starving here?” Clearly, from the size of her belly, she is not! She actually smiles too, showing teeth and everything. Brandy will whine for food too but her voice is different.

My smiling dog Whiskey

Then theres Callie the black and white cat. She meows if hungry or mad, if I don’t let her out of the bathroom when she’s ready, I can hear her meowing from the other side of the house. When she is tracking prey, she makes a funny sound in her throat while her jaws vibrate up and down. I know I’m not describing it right, someday I’ll try to capture it on video.

Silly Callie


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