WOD Challenge 2-23-20 I Need You to Knead Me!

Tow Heftiba for Unsplash

I Need You to Knead Me!


My muscles need kneading, oh mash me please do

My knots are resilient, hard as sinew

Aching, burning and stabbing they are

Massage is the answer, with oils from a jar

Coconut, olive, or almond is fine

Later, I’ll relax with a nice glass of wine

Please work my knots out, relieve me of pain

So I can be joy-filled and happy again!

If you do it first, I’ll certainly return the favor

Maybe rub your feet, after a hard day of labor

Come with me darling, bring the oils to our bed

Let’s rub each other down, then we’ll sleep like the dead.



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