WOD Challenge 3-9-20 Gift of Life

March looks to be a pretty busy month!


Thursday this week is my birthday, so I will be celebrating the gift of life as I turn one year closer to 60. With all there is going on in the world today, I consider myself grateful to be alive, mostly healthy, and sane.

I also have a birthday lunch planned with my bestie, Kaye on my actual birthday! Looking forward to catching up with her, that’s a gift in itself. My plan is to buy her an un-birthday gift like my mom used to do with myself and my brother.

Friday it’s time for the Mobile Food Pantry with my church, we share the gift of food to underserved families in our community. After that, it will be time for my recheck, to see if the fungus among us has indeed gotten better.

Next week we find out the results of all my Dad’s tests, I so hope she has good news and a plan of action to help him manage his Parkinson’s better. If nothing else, maybe she will put him on new medication that will stop or slow his tremor. Still unsure of what can be done to restore his speech.

Two game nights are planned this month, one for Bunco on the 21st, and one for dinner and Qwirkle with friends on the 25th (unless the date changes). I’m excited about that, I’m loving my games lately.

So it’s shaping up to be a busy month! I am just happy to be here to do it all! Celebrate your gift of life, whether it’s your birthday or not!



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