WOD Challenge 3-13-20 Don’t Judge Me

Don’t Judge Me…

But yesterday was my birthday, therefore I took a sort of lazy, slow, at-my-own pace approach to the day and it felt nice!

I had lunch with my oldest bff, then went window shopping with her at The Painted Tree Marketplace. Before that I wrote a little bit, worked for a very short while on my current Diamond Art Project (Stephanie’s birthday present) and when I returned from the lunch with Kaye, I finished watching a scary movie I had started. In other words, I did stuff I wanted to, when I wanted to. (I still felt guilty about it though)

Later on, Dave, Josh and I went to dinner and came home and played pool all night. I was supposed to go do volunteer work this morning but did not make it. In my defense, it was pouring down rain and cool, so standing outside for hours would probably have made me sick. So I skipped. Am I horrible?? Honestly, I was also a little bit hungover from last night’s activities. I am horrible. 😦

Well, today my hubby is also home with me, I’m getting my check-up with my podiatrist at 1pm, and we are still under threat of heavy thunderstorms, so…maybe I’ll get caught up on writing and other inside projects at least. I hope you all have a happy Friday wherever you are, and don’t judge me too harshly, I’m pretty sure I do that enough on my own. 😉


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PS-There was no cake, but 60+people told me happy birthday and I had a wonderful day despite that. Sometimes, it’s the simple joys of spending time with friends and family that are enough!  (Besides, I did get gifts, they just might get postponed if this coronavirus doesn’t clear up soon…concert tickets to two separate upcoming concerts!) They were purchased a while back by my hubby and oldest son with my birthday in mind. 🙂


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