WOD Challenge 3-14-20 Quest for Sanity

Quest for Sanity

We live in the great United States, where we have an abundance of products, yet everyone is losing their minds over the coronavirus. I have never seen the likes of this in my 59 years, though I’ve lived where hurricanes are eminent, tornadoes are a seasonal occurrence, and flu season comes every year, no matter what.

Have we lost our minds here? Our church is closing it’s doors until March 29, for the first time in 21 years, my whole city’s public works and offices are shutting down, there are school closings everywhere…what the heck, people? This never happened before with any of the natural disasters or flu epidemics anywhere I’ve ever lived. Store shelves are bare as people hoard paper products and other groceries like meat and vegetables.

Why?? I have been out of the house to restaurants, stores, and other businesses and everyone is carrying on as usual, so why the widespread panic? You are just feeding this imaginary pandemic. What is different about this virus than any other except for the fact that the media has blown it out of proportion. I’m on a quest for sanity, I’m not finding anything but insanity everywhere! I don’t understand the hoarding, or the closures for that matter.

Take the normal precautions you would during flu season. Be mindful of those around you. Wash your hands, cough into the crook of your elbow, but stop all this crazy nonsense! What happens when we run out of supplies due to all the hoarding, the prices will increase and we won’t be able to afford groceries and paper products.

At least we can livestream our church service! Good grief people, get a grip!!


3 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 3-14-20 Quest for Sanity

  1. I would invite you to join us in UK where we’re taking things a bit calmer, and allowing people to sit their own limits. But even here the toilet paper is disappearing fast. There is no hand sanitiser left on the shelf. Yet food is still in plentiful supply, tissues can be bought and bars of soap fill up the empty places. But that’s this week. What will next week bring?

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