What Day is it Anyway?

Gosh, it’s Friday and somehow I don’t feel like celebrating the fact. Life is weird right now, even if I’m used to staying home a lot. I can always find things to do, but now that we are being forced to stay home, I don’t want to, lol.

Yesterday, I went and helped Dad fix his lunch. He was feeling kind of dizzy, so instead of playing pool, he looked as if he would be happy watching some inane thing on tv about animals. I watched with him for all of five minutes and then had a brilliant idea. “Dad, would you like to go to the park and sit and watch the ducks for a while?” He was up for it! So that’s what we did.

Then we came back here and watched more tv while he rested. Being an 85 year old with Parkinson’s, that little outing was enough to tire him out, not to mention, I had to help him navigate a small incline to get to the park bench, not taking into consideration how stiff he has become due to the Parkinson’s. Poor guy really was tired. After a while I looked at him and asked via my whiteboard if he was bored. (He is also mostly nonverbal now, so we use the whiteboard a lot). He nodded yes, and I asked if he was up for a game yet, he was so we played two games of pool and then I took him home.

Today, I have a ton of writing to catch up on, a new site that I got published on asked me to read other’s stories and comment, so I have that to do, housework, crafting, and a show to watch. I’m also going to look into staples I can purchase online and that is a time eater, so it will be put off for as long as possible. Luckily, we have plenty of food and supplies around here, so the need is not dire yet anyway. I just have a couple of gift cards burning a hole in my pocket, lol.

I’m very bummed that social activities I had planned for this month and next have been canceled, but the same is probably true for everyone. We will get through it all, remember your friends and family, I had the thought strike me last night that I don’t use FaceTime nearly enough. When we can’t be in the same room with each other, that is the next best thing! Call a friend! Call your parents, let them see your face! It’s an easy way to stay connected during this difficult, crazy time.

Hang in there everyone and TGIF! (even if it doesn’t feel like it)



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