WOD Challenge 3-24-20 Write Your Own Obituary

You know, I was just thinking about this for a post the other day! Due to us all hanging out at home more, I thought what a great time to encourage others to write their own obituary, it is a writing exercise someone taught me a while back. It’s great practice, providing a fabulous prompt if you are stuck for something to write.

What would you want to leave behind? This is a chance for you to examine your lives, say what you want to be known for, or simply contemplate your own worth. Have you accomplished everything you ever wanted to? Would you die happy and ready if the time came tomorrow? How about we all give it a shot and then, if you feel like it, share them with me. If you don’t want them posted here, you can shoot them to me an email. I think it could be an interesting introspective. I’m going to try it myself, I may learn something!

The other thought I had was crafting our own autobiographies. Who knows? One or some of us could become famous someday for the words we write today! Maybe some of you have already done this. I actually had one started myself, but WORD has locked it from me and I can’t figure out how to get back in. (Me and my computer problems, ugh!) It was going to be called, “Me and My Short Self, A Memoir.”


My obituary would go something like this:

Kimberly S Smyth

Kim was a loving wife, mother to Sean, Joshua, and Christopher, daughter to Gus and Betty Robicheaux who never took life too seriously, choosing to take it as it came, one day at a time. A planner as well as a pantser, she loved to entertain family and friends, write, craft, play games, and work in her yard. A born caregiver, she worked for years in the medical field, as well as caring for others in her family. She was liked by many, loved by a few, loved her family and friends fiercely, and leaves a legacy of written words behind. She is survived by her husband, David, her children and grandchildren, her father, and her brother, Kevin. Her extended family is all over the world. She loved to volunteer her extra time when she could, take trips to the ocean, and a great margarita. Summer and spring were her favorite seasons, and music was her first love.

Ok, this is hard y’all. Obviously, this needs some work, but you get the idea. At any rate, it’s good practice and it get’s you to thinking about your life and what you can say about it. What do you think? Feel like taking a stab at it yourself? Good luck, then, I can’t wait to see your posts, or read your emails.



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