WOD Challenge 4-6-20 Bounce in My Step

Word of the Day Challenge

Good Morning Everyone!

I have a bit of a bounce in my step this morning, although I’m not sure why.

It could be that the weather is nice and warm outside, or that the pump on my aerogarden seemed to be working this morning.

Maybe it’s that Dave went in to work this morning and now I can get a bit of work done, love him to death but when he’s home I’d rather hang out with him than be productive.

Could it be because I’m sensing there might be light at the end of this long tunnel? Italy is reporting a flattening of the curve and less deaths, I’m encouraged by the news.

Maybe it’s just that it’s Monday the start of a new week where anything is possible, I might even get some writing done on my new short story I’m planning on entering into a contest for Literary Taxidermy.

It could be that I got a better night’s sleep last night. Maybe I’ll find some time for a walk in the fresh air today.

I got laundry started before I even had my coffee and another Spanish lesson done on Duolingo before I ran out of hearts.

I’m feeling thankful, blessed, I’m not sick, I’m not pressured. My groceries will be delivered today! All of these things and more could be the reason. Find the positive in your day today!

Aaron Burden for Unsplash



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