WOD Challenge 4-7-20 Grace and Frankie

Good morning! I decided to grace you all with my presence, LOL!!

Just kidding, haha, the word of the day for today’s challenge is grace, so I had to make a little joke there. I am trying to rise above the stress, anxiety, and worry that has threatened the past few days.

So, since the word of the day is grace, I thought I’d share that my latest guilty pleasure is Grace and Frankie which I watch when I’m working on my latest Diamond Art Project. It’s a comedy on Netflix and I hate to say it stars Jane Fonda, and I’m still watching it. Right now, I’m ignoring the fact that I can’t stand her because we all need a comedic break right now, and this show is laugh-out-loud funny! I wouldn’t say pees in my pants funny like someone in my Bunco group said it was, but it’s pretty funny in spots.

The show is very controversial, but they tackle it with as much grace as they possibly can. It’s about two ladies who become fast friends when their husbands of thirty years leave them…for each other!!! Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen play unlikely but convincing partners in this role, and Lily Tomlin is Grace’s friend as the hippy dippy, fun-loving friend who always ends up in some kind of pickle. In the beginning, they don’t get along well, but as the story unfolds, their friendship grows and it’s a thing of beauty to watch. You should check it out!

Here is a trailer: https://youtu.be/CDv6PRi1SgQ

So, if you can get past any misgivings about the stars or the subject matter, give it a watch, it’s very entertaining and funny!

In other news, I’d like to share that I am sailing through my Spanish lessons on Duolingo with grace and ease! They make it like a game, and it is so addicting and fun! If you want to learn a new language, I highly suggest getting the app and diving right in! I have stayed with the free version so far, because I am not working and can’t afford any new monthly bill coming out of my account. That means I have to stay up on my lessons to earn the hearts I need to keep going, but if you use them up (making mistakes uses them up) they will refill after a certain amount of time, or by watching ads. This morning I started reading little short stories to improve my reading and listening skills, I plowed right through 5 of them and still kept all my hearts! Give it a try, at least it’s fun!


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