Writing Challenge Invitation #FUN20097 Beach Tails

Maggie at From Cave Walls has a fun writing challenge again today, if you want to play along, check out the rules here!

Beach Tails

Alex Steyn for Unsplash

Jordan and Elle were vacationing down in Port Aransas, Texas and had just taken the jetty boat over to the island of St Jo. Inside their bags were snacks, ice cold bottles of water and juice, a beach umbrella, tons of sun tan products, a couple of large white T-shirts in case of sunburn, their watches (so they knew when to get the jetty boat back), and Jordan had the presence of mind to drag a small cooler with some ice as well.

After picking a nice spot on the beach, it was time to kick back, get a bit of sun and a snack, before venturing off in search of awesome seashells. They had a contest going to see who could find the biggest shell, it was something they did every year. The teens had tried to come as early as possible, before the miles of empty beach filled up with like-minded people, but there were already a few who came over on the same boat as they did. If they didn’t get busy in the next few minutes, all the good shells might be gone Elle worried. Jordan reminded her that there were miles of beach and the jetty itself to explore, not to worry.

Elle wasn’t taking any chances, the island was uninhabited, there were absolutely no concessions, restrooms or trashcans, yet that didn’t stop tons of visitors from making their way to it’s pristine beaches with nothing at all blocking the ocean from lapping the shoreline. No waves, just ripples. Water so clear you could see your toes in the morning light, plus any crabs that may want to latch on for a ride. She ate quickly, downed a water and said, “Time to peel and reveal!” taking off her coverup and grabbing a plastic bag as she carefully made her way to the water line. She was experienced at hunting large shells in the ripples of sand made by the gentle waves and wanted first shot if at all possible.

Jordan giggled and watched her from his spot under the umbrella, he secretly worried himself about wandering too far down the beach, lest their stuff be stolen or worse, they didn’t make it back in time for the jetty boat. Getting stuck overnight was not on his agenda! He planned to watch Elle for a bit and then if she went to far, he would go fetch her and guide her back in the direction of the jetty. In fact, he figured  he would be first to explore the long jetty and all of its secret spots. Just as he was getting up to head that way, Elle squealed with excitement for Jordan to “Come here!” Thinking she just found a cool shell, he headed off with a wave and said, “Show me later, I’m off to the jetty!” NO, I said come here now, you won’t believe this!!”

Concerned now, Jordan headed in her direction and upon arriving noticed the tail of a large fish washed up on the beach. Unfortunately, that was all there was, as if something monstrous had bitten it off, just the tail of what might have been a dolphin was lying trapped, bloody end in the sand, the tail waving back and forth in the waves. Well, this would put a damper on Elle’s excitement about going for a swim later, Jordan mused. “Get away from the water Hon, we don’t know what did this or if it’s still close.” Elle grabbed his hand, and stayed back a few feet, ogling the bloody end of the tail. “Poor fish,” she said. Just as they were about to turn and go, a man approached with a head full of stark white hair, a limp, and a birthmark on his forehead. “I’ll tell you what did that,” he started without any preamble. “Killer shark, that’s what.”

Jordan looked at Elle with a slight note of disbelief, which the man unfortunately caught. “I’m telling ya, I know this to be true!” Why do you think I walk with a limp? How do you think my hair got so white? Don’t look at the birthmark, I was born with that ya know!” Jordan looked at the man in awe, he did appear awful young to have such white hair. “Are you saying, Mister that you were attacked by a killer shark and lived to tell about it?” “That’s what I’m saying young man, if it hadn’t been for me mates, pulling my mangled body up into the fishing vessel I was on, I would not be here today.” Elle and Jordan exchanged wide-eyed looks of wonder before introducing themselves. “Glad to make your acquaintance, and I am Captain Kangaroo…I sure fooled you!! BWAAHAHAHA” he said as he walked on down the beach, poking the sand with his cane. As a parting shot he called over his shoulder, “Stay out of the water though, crabs will bite your toes! HAHAHAHA!!”

Jordan and Elle looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and giggled, walking hand in hand towards the jetty.


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