What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?

Enjoying nature this morning!
Whiskey watching mama squirrel check on her baby 😊


I decided to take my coffee on the patio this morning, listening to the sounds of the day waking up. I heard birds singing, saw a glimmer of the sunrise through the trees, and watched as mama squirrel checked on her babies in our Martin house. I was sitting on our patio furniture, the couch specifically, Whiskey licking the coconut oil off my legs as is our custom, checking my emails and reading this mornings edition of Electric Lit. Wednesday’s feature is called Recommended Reading and today’s story was called Mom is on Love With Randy Travis. If you don’t get Electric Literature’s weekly newsletters, I highly recommend it! Great stories delivered weekly with a back story of the authors. Sometimes I confess, I skip that to go straight to the story, they are always so good. You can also submit your own writing to the publication, I have not tried that yet, I don’t think I’m good enough yet.

In other news, we had to get a new stove yesterday, the electric panel that runs the stove on our old one (which was left to us with the house) burned up an element, to get it fixed would have been $500, so David made the executive decision to replace the stove. we got one like the one we had when we lived in Crowley, Texas. It is blue inside and has a sleek glass cooktop, and guess what. Another electric panel up top that runs everything. Let’s hope this one survives us!

Lastly, and this is going to sound crazy, a friend sent me a video (I never heard who the expert speaking was) who tells us that Coronavirus is not the problem, that it’s our dependency on electric things which are making us sick and manifesting as a virus. Furthermore, he suggests a government takeover, loss of the small business world, new vaccines, a new monetary system will be pushed on us and more conspiracy sounding stuff, followed by his urging that only our collective prayer and continued belief in God will save us…well, that has been the only truth since God sent us Jesus hasn’t it? We cannot do this alone, we need God in our lives, the Devil is definitely trying to end the world as we know it…look around! I’m not saying I’m going to leave my house and continue my life as it was before all this or take stupid chances just in case, I’m just saying think about it. If I knew how to share the video, I would, but bottom line is, no matter what is really going on around the world, only God gets us out of here, we are powerless to control anything but our ability to pray and live as clean a life as we can. We need to be vigilant, watch what is going on around us, question everything, but mostly we need to get right with God and pray He helps us defeat the Devil that is trying to wipe us from the face of the Earth.



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