WOD Challenge 4-20-20 Like an Obnoxious Weed

Seen as I walked in the park yesterday

Things that I find are obnoxious :

Weeds-unless used for medicinal purposes 😉




Being unmotivated

Ungrateful children

Yesterday was one of those days, even though I attended virtual church services, even though we got out and went grocery shopping, and even though I managed a walk in the park, I found myself bored, stressed out, and filled with worry until I went to bed. Worry is like an obnoxious weed, there when I wake until I retire. What can be done about it?

Share something with others


Help someone out

Staying busy


Have a glass of wine


Those are my methods, I admit they don’t always work, but I’m working on it. 😉

Yall try to have a stress-free, worry-free Monday!


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4 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 4-20-20 Like an Obnoxious Weed

  1. Like you, I have found myself creating more things to keep busy and maintain my sanity. I have leathered amber candle that is lit right now and the scent flowing through my home is intoxicating and calming. Lighting candles or sage helps me a great deal during this pandemic, especially on the days where work has been far too much for me to handle. Peace, Kim. Take good care of you.

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