WOD Challenge 4-21-20 Friend’s and Family Quilts

Good morning! What a beautiful Tuesday it’s shaping up to be!

To preface, I can’t sew a lick unless it’s for some kind of craft, I can barely hem a pair of pants. So, I want to highlight some amazing talent by my cousin Rosa (Whom I’ve callied Rosie my entire life) and my friend Carol Woodard who make beautiful quilts as you will see in the pictures I borrowed (stole) off of their Facebook pages. (Please forgive me ladies)!!

Rosa made this one

Now a few from Carol:

Aren’t they just gorgeous?

I can’t imagine the work and time it took to produce these beautiful quilts! Congrats to these ladies for all of their hard work!! I’m proud of them and do hope they don’t mind me sharing their fabulous creations!

I know my husband’s granny and Aunt Wanda also produced beautiful quilts, he has his own baby quilt as proof, as well as a very old hand made quilt I didn’t want to unfold to show you. They are put away, but suffice it to say, these ladies had tremendous talent.

I remember the stories and even observed the occasional quilting bee, yet I never had the desire to spend that much time on such a massive undertaking. Then there’s the fact that I can’t sew, so….

I have tried my hand at embroidery, crochet, and macramé, I even used to do hook rugs, lol. I’ve made jewelry, and now there is my Diamond Art Painting when I have the time. None of these are as beautiful as what these ladies and those before them have created, yet I keep trying to make my mark in the world. Or at least have fun trying! Peace out people!


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