WOD Challenge 4-27-20 I Understand it’s Monday

Good morning!

I understand it’s Monday because my hubby headed back to work, but the last three days have been rather nice with him around to keep me company. We played pool, cooked, had some drinks, took a long drive, walked in the park, watched a few movies, and generally enjoyed our time with each other this weekend. Now it’s Monday again, back to the grind, for him more than me, and the world keeps on turning.

We finally figured out how to get our service on our TV

Maybe yall can help me identify a volunteer plant that popped up in my corner garden. I am hoping its some kind of squash or melon, also, what to do to safely rid it of ants in case it is food.

Anyone know what this is?


I bought a pair of these in black from Its Nice

I will be glad when the salons and such are allowed to reopen, this girls nails are raggedy and my hair is turning gray! Not important on the scale of big things, but it’s those little things that make us feel better about ourselves now and then that we cherish, now more than ever. I did buy myself a cute pair of skirted leggings, I hope they fit and I can wear them even in the summer, I don’t like my legs anymore anyway, lol.

I also purchase the upgrade on Duolingo so I have unlimited hearts and can do my lessons anytime. I’m plowing through, I think I’m on a 33 day streak so far! I’ve made it to level 3 on over 12 subjects and over 20 stories under my belt! Yea me! I wonder if as I go I will have to learn how to write Spanish with the proper punctuation at some point, that will be a challenge for sure! Right now, it’s all learning words, forming sentences, reading, and comprehension. I’ve learned so much, but I have to slow the speech down to get the words right, I can’t follow the fast speaking natives just yet.

Part of what I’ve accomplished on Duolingo Plus

Ok, off to make some stuff for this week’s breakfasts, keto biscuits and chaffles, suppers are handled for a while after yesterday’s bbq out back. We have chicken and sausage, salmon and boudin, all I need to make are salads and veggies, I can do that later. My keto crust less custard pie was ok, taste wise, but I didn’t care much for the texture…back to the drawing board on that one!

My pie overcooked by about five minutes

Enjoy your Monday!


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