WOD Challenge 4-26-20 Saturday Sights

Wind blown grass-Unsplash

What day is it anyway? Oh yes, it’s Sunday, the day the Lord hath made.

Yesterday was Saturday and I felt the need for a ride, somewhere away from this house…so my husband granted my wish and we drove to our former home in Alvarado. Along the way I observed the grasses along the freeway blown like a zephyr undulating in the sun. It was almost as calming as watching the ocean waves I miss so much, and I was drawn to it.

We drove through the center of Burleson where it appeared life was going on like normal. Traffic was moderate, but busy for a town that should be on lockdown, the Walmart parking lot packed. We cruised on though Egan, and back down to Alvarado, down the winding Oak Rd we used to live on off of Forgotten Lane. Our house had been neglected although someone was living there, all our hard work wasted it seemed. The horses were not in the meadow, I was disappointed because I had wanted to get out and pet them.

From there, Dave wanted to check on his job site and then we wound up in one of Bedford’s pretty city parks, we walked around the “lake” with its fountain, ducks, geese, and turtles, and observed young men and women playing disc golf…difficult in the high winds. We saw a few fishing, some just sitting on benches reading or enjoying the sun and wind. I had cheated a lot and felt the need to walk it off, my side effect of COVID-19. Children had drawn affirming messages in chalk on the sidewalk and arrows pointing the way around the path leading pack to the truck. “You are beautiful,” “Stay Positive.”  It was sweet.

Pics of the park in Bedford

We finished the day at home with a delicious dinner of salmon, mixed veggies and a sweet potato and settled in to watch The Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson. I have no words. It was so disturbing and painful to watch, but of course, that was the point. I had a hard time resting after that and woke up way too early this morning, unable to go back to sleep. My thoughts are that it was meant for us to understand the supernatural suffering He went through so we would strive to live a Godly life. I should never complain about anything again. But I know I will, I’m human.

Well, this turned out to be more like a stream of consciousness post than the word of the day challenge, mixed in with a #WDIIA observation, time to go find breakfast and get ready for church…virtually of course. I hope you all have a very blessed Sunday and observe your surroundings and appreciate them, whatever they are. 😊🤗


Word of the Day Challenge


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