WOD Challenge 5-1-20 Yes, It’s May!

Heck Yeah!

As my kids like to say, I’m glad to see that April is behind us and that yes, we made it to May 1st! What a strange and dismal month April was, I’m hoping we are getting closer to getting back to business, if you will. I feel the winds of change coming, I hope it’s a change for the good!

I rearranged my patio furniture yesterday to better suit my needs, I have to say, I’m very happy with the new arrangement. I made a little video and I’ll try to find a before pic so you can see the changes. Sometimes that’s all we need is a small change in our environment or routine to boost our spirits. Mine are so much better now. After cleaning off the glass-topped coffee table out there, I sat and tried to enjoy the morning with my coffee and did my Spanish lessons. It was nice and cool and very pleasant, except for all the noise from nearby construction on Glenview Dr. and all the yard work being done…blowers, mowers, interrupted the peace. Tonight may be better for enjoying the patio!

The new arrangement of my patio-looks like the video didn’t load 😔

The chair under the tv is broken, so I wanted it against the wall so no one will get hurt in it. Previously, that was the spot for the pool supplies box, which I moved but you can’t see where in the picture. I don’t know why the video didn’t come up in the editor, oh well, maybe later I’ll take another. Now, with this arrangement, more people can comfortably watch the tv or visit with each other. I’m happy with it, even if the picture here is a bad representation. I wish that video had come through…I may try another tact. Maybe I can download it from the iPad.

Nope! Could not figure it out, so I will put it on my Instagram and you may be able to check it out there. 😉 PS-the ashtray on the table is for guests, we don’t smoke! (anymore) 😉

My stats on Medium were good this month and I’m really enjoying doing these weekly stories for The Friday Fix by Justin Deming. If you haven’t already done so, please check some of them out, I’m very pleased with the responses and claps they are getting. Plus, the prompts he gives us make us really stretch the ole creative muscle, this last couple of prompts have been interactive, where we have to get up and go find something around the house to use in our stories. Last week, it was the 5th book to the left on our bookshelves…I’ll let you go check out my story to see how I answered that one. Maybe you can submit your own story if you wish, just check out the submissions policy and follow the rules. Make yourself an account on Medium first so that your stories might earn a few pennies, it’s a fun challenge especially when you know there is a small reward involved!

I’ll leave you with a popular Yes song that I liked back in the day, listen to Roundabout and see if you remember. Feliz Viernes amigos!

(Happy Friday, friends!)


I picked one from the 2017 Rock Hall Inductees performance of it.


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