Weather Trumps Want

Today I wanted to go on another long road trip, alas, the rain keeps pouring down. We are under flash flood warnings and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. Gotta love spring time in Texas!

We did get out and get brunch (not proud of my food choice) and ran to the bank. The rain was coming down so hard, you could barely see in front of you. We decided it was safer to go home and wait it out. Unfortunately, the weather cares not a thing about what we want to do. Also, stupidity on the roads makes it dangerous to be out in bad weather. It is rampant right now for whatever reason. Maybe people have been holed up for so long they forgot the rules of the road! 🙂

I also noticed examples everywhere of carelessness when it comes to structural integrety. Brick walls meant to support fences poorly constructed and tipping over, poor road drainage leading to flooded areas, it’s as if no one cares enough anymore about building things properly. Our world is going to fall apart if this is the new standard!

Well, I guess it’s a good day to catch the new season of Dead to Me…if Netflix decides to work!

I hope you all enjoy your Saturday, despite the weather!


FromLinda G. Hill: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “want.” Make the word “want” the first, second, or third word of your post. Have fun!


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