Have They Been Forgotten?

Anthony Fomin for Unsplash

Flooding in Alabama

Have They Been Forgotten?

What about all those people we’ve lost

The past two months and counting?

Have they been forgotten?

And how about our soldiers fighting overseas

To keep our country free,

Have they been forgotten?

Think of all the elderly who

Died in nursing care facilities

Have they too been forgotten?

The news that never makes the news

The states being devastated by flood waters

All have been forgotten

So we can focus on a pandemic

That should have been forgotten

But sadly, never will.


Imagine what would have happened if this virus had been treated the way we have always dealt with the flu or the media had not gotten involved in the sensationalism and caused worldwide panic? Would so many have died, or would the economy have practically stopped? Where is the outrage for all those suffering and being ignored? One can’t help but wonder.


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