Using the Old Noggin

David Matos for Unsplash

Josh has really been using the old noggin this morning as he looks for work, replies to emails about possible jobs, and how to transfer a pdf file from one phone to another so the lady could see his resume.

I’m praying he gets a good job soon, he has two good prospects, one for DHL and the other for a food distribution company. He has to go back to DHL on Tuesday wearing a mask…which I just remembered I forgot to wash…But I barely wore it once.

In other news, I am happy we are going to be able to go away for a quick weekend trip with family, I am wracking my noggin to figure out what to pack, when we are going, etc. I will know more when Dave gets home for work. I need to go pick up a couple of things from the store for Josh, since he will be staying here looking after the pets for us.

So, I am off, I hope everyone has a safe, fun Memorial Day weekend!!

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