Who’s a Fan of Bacon? #SoCS

Man, if you’re a fan of bacon, and who isn’t, you would so love to be in my house right now!! The smell of bacon is still lingering, and we ate 20 minutes ago!

While Dave was out for his run, I decided to cook the bacon, which led to making some keto biscuits, next thing you know, I had scrambled eggs with pickled peppers in the pan. When Dave got home he had time to cool down before I had breakfast on plates for us.

Normally, he does all this stuff, or we go out for breakfast on Saturday mornings, but we have a busy weekend coming up, so I just figured we’d save time and money eating at home.

We have some chores around here to do today, plus, we need to find and book our vacation place and start getting it paid for before July 18th. Tomorrow, will be church, family dinner, and my friend’s daughter’s baby shower.

Since I just recently returned from Port Aransas and saw that it all looks pretty much as it always has, I cannot wait to get back there with my hubby and youngest boy and his girlfriend. This is the place that feels like home to me, just approaching the ferry makes me all excited and I sigh with relief knowing a fantastic week is about to be had. I’m a huge fan of the beach, birds, fishing, and all things the ocean has to give us. I want to go deep sea fishing, maybe parasail again, or simply sit on a sundeck and listen to the waves as I sip my morning coffee. Mmmmm, I can’t wait.

Tomorrow is our 35th anniversary!! Obviously, we are big fans of marriage! I don’t want or need anything but to go on our vacation and enjoy ourselves, that will do me just fine! 😉

The books say that for number 35, gifts should be coral, jade, or gold. I will find all of those colors in nature’s palette once we are down there. Golden sunsets, jade seaweed, and coral…coral lol-or maybe that will be in the sunrise, or inside a shell I might find on the beach. What I don’t know is what to get my man except a card and a kiss of appreciation that we get to even go on this vacation, and if I know him, he will be fine with that too. 🙂

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘fan.’ Use it by itself or find a word that starts or ends with it. Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!”

This SoCS prompt is brought to you by Linda G Hill.


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