No Cause for Celebration

Ok, maybe a small one…

Seems I escaped real injury (crossing fingers here) and I’m mainly dealing with soreness this morning after my clumsy fall yesterday. So a little celebration  is ok. (Doing a desk dance)

In addition, it seems odd to me that the weather decided to revert back to Spring with storms and lots of rain cooling down temps making it impossible to get in the pool right now. Why is this strange? The timing of course, because I=of what I’m dealing with; first the knee thing. I have to put on this arthritis cream 4 times a day…well, the pool would wash that right off making it ineffective. Second, the stupid UTI. Not sure if chlorine is the right thing to be in at this moment with that going on.

Maybe there’s cause after all, now that I’ve written all that and said it out loud in my mind. Mother nature is helping me heal myself!

Yesterday, I took Dad to lunch at Ernie’s, we got his hair cut, then did our weekly Kroger run for his restocking of essentials…yogurt, fruit, ice cream, veggie juice, etc. Dad eats a specific brand Kroger makes of yogurt called CarbMaster that I introduced him to. It has no sugar, low, low carbs-like 2 I think, and comes in 10+ flavors. He loves that stuff and its good for him. So why not?? Unless he goes out, he usually eats salads for lunch and then Sean cooks him a good dinner, so all that fruit, yogurt, Halo Top ice Cream, and sugar free cookies are well balanced out, which is why I believe his labs keep coming back so good. He also takes a butt load of medicine, cholesterol meds being one of them. I hate that he has to, but there it is. He follows his doctor’s orders, not his daughter’s nursey poo advice. 😉  He’s 87, I pick my battles.

Wish me luck that I get a ton of writing done today, cause I’m really not in the mood, yet look here how I’ve been rambling on, lol. Y’all have a good Wednesday!!

Here’s a song to fit the mood!

(More chair dancing)



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4 thoughts on “No Cause for Celebration

  1. Glad that things have been doing well with just being soreness! Hope it continues. I like your optimism!

    I am also glad for your dad. He seems to have his health under control for the most pt. and that is great!

    It is said that it was an error in the video and would not play. What was this song?

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  2. Well, darn! It was “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang. I hate that sometimes it won’t play and others it works fine. Yes, I dodged a bullet I think, and we are both blessed, that’s for sure. How are you and Christina and your dad doing?


    • Are you playing off of YouTube because that seems to have worked for me and for you. The video week you put on their today did not say where it was from. Good song choice by way!

      Dad and I are doing fine! Christina is a hot mess right now. Her neck started bothering her last week and it has progressively gotten worse. Last week it was tight from stress. Yesterday and today she says it is a pulled muscle or something. I have sent her home early last week and this way. On Mon she took an anxiety medicine and said it helped the pain but not completely. So I made her go home at 130 yesterday and take a muscle relaxer. She did not want to take one because she did not know how it would affect her to get up in the morning. But she had not slept in days really. So I can go home so she could take it early. This morning she said it did not really do anything for her so a friend told her about all the chiropractor in Euless. So she had an appt. today at 2. Hoping she can get great relief!

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      • Yes, it was off you tube, not sure why it didn’t work!
        I’m sorry to hear about Christina, I hope she hasn’t hurt herself and the Chiropracter helps. It she is stressed, maybe she should try CBD and/or a CBD rub. I’m glad you and Lynn are doing well!


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