This Virus, The Rules, All Unpredictable

Well, I guess I’m done going anywhere again for a while! 😦

The news came this morning that Betsy Price (our mayor) has ordered we must wear face masks if entering a business. That was just a requirement before we had a huge surge in cases of the COVID-19 virus over the weekend. Now they are mandatory!

I still don’t know if I’m buying all this nonsense, yet, who knows what is true and what’s a lie. It’s all so unpredictable. One day, masks will help. The next day, they are said to be useless. One day we are flattening the curve. The next day, there’s a surge. Rumors fly that they are saying everything that comes in is reported as being the virus because Medicare gets more money.  That’s impossible!

I refuse to go everywhere with a mask on, I don’t believe they work, in fact, I think they cause more harm than good. So, date nights will be at home I guess, groceries will once again be bought and delivered to me, I will not be one of those fools you see driving around in their own cars wearing a mask! What does that do????

Check out this article

I wonder how restaurants will handle the new rules, I mean, one cannot eat with a mask on. It’s all so ridiculous. I think it’s a knee-jerk reaction and once things settle down again, everything will return to normal.


Ok, rant over. Happy Thursday everyone!

PS-I am on my 93rd day streak on Duolingo!! I have mastered 23% of the course! That’s one good thing that has come out of all this mess. I’m learning a new language and it’s fun!


2 thoughts on “This Virus, The Rules, All Unpredictable

  1. Back in March I remember you saying that you and both Dave had said “I guess if we must comply”. At least they’re not shutting everything down again even though I am with you that I do not know how they’re going to handle the restaurant situation. The only thing we can do now is just moved forward the best way we know how! There was an email yesterday on next-door that since March there has been 155 cases of the Covid, 76 people have covered, and as of yesterday one death in NRH! By a man (of course they cannot release names) in his 40s with underlining health condition! It is like you said you never know what to believe anymore about anything. I do not want to believe those numbers that the health lady played yesterday, ugh!

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    • I know! Well, dad and I went out prepared to wear the masks but it wasn’t being enforced so we took them off. Half the people in a Kroger still were not wearing them! I guess they didn’t get the memo 🤣🤣


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