I Changed My Behavior Today by Starting in the Pool

Hey, good morning everyone!

This morning I decided to change my behavior and start the day with coffee and exercise in the pool early this morning. I believe I was in the pool around 6:30am or so, the air was cool, but the water was nice, once I was in and used to it. This way, I can exercise and wake up to the sunrise. It was very nice.

Here’s the next big change I made, and I mean big! I finally got off the fence and pulled the trigger on beginning a new at-home career! Yes! I purchased the transcription course and you all may see less of me for a little while as I study my buns off learning how to be a transcriptionist!

For those of you who do not know, transcription is the art of putting audio or video files into written words. Now, I can make my writing count! I will be making a living, part-time at first, and helping people at the same time! I’m very excited and I’ve already completed the first module of the course! It will be super hard, but I am committed! (or maybe I just need to be, lol)

I will have to invest in more equipment eventually, that is why I’m so happy that I got the course at a huge discount because I had taken her mini-course first. Lucky me!

Well, I’m off to do what I can before I take my brother for a special MRI in Dallas. He needs me to take him in case the medicine they give him to slow his stomach down makes him drowsy. So, now that I have blogged and done my first module of homework, maybe I can sneak in an hour of Diamond Art (therapy ;)). I also did today’ typing lessons, and will continue them until I’m typing 60wpm or faster. I have a loooong way to go, lol. Right now, I’m at maybe 25wpm accurately.

So wish me luck everyone, I know you’ve heard this from m time and time again, but I really am committed to this transcription thing, and I will work hard until I master the course before ever trying to get a client. (She even helps with how to do that, btw).

So if anyone else is interested in this course let me know, I’m sure I will become an affiliate before it’s all over. Just a hint, take the mini-course first, it just lets you know what all is involved and if it would be a good fit for you. I googled the course before buying to see honest reviews and make sure it was no scam. Nope! Everything is included that you need to become a general transcriptionist, and she has a separate course for the legal transcriptionist.

Check it out for yourself at Transcribe Anywhere reviews.

Have a good day everyone!


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8 thoughts on “I Changed My Behavior Today by Starting in the Pool

  1. That is awesome, and sounds promising! My cousin did transcribing for a while from her home when she wasn’t court reporting. I know that she enjoyed doing it as she can do it at her own pace to an extent. YOU CAN DO IT! How long will it take you to get through with the course?

    Hope that everything went well with Kevin’s MRI?

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    • Reviewers comments make it sound like it can be done in as few as six months, but I’ve got so much work to do on my typing, plus with everything else it may take me longer, but that’s ok!
      Kevin’s MRI went fine, long but he wasn’t drowsy, so I didn’t have to drive at all! I was glad because right now, driving really hurts my knee. I believe he may end up having that same surgery Dad had, we will know the results tomorrow. All of his prior biopsies have come back negative for cancer, so that’s great! TURP surgery removes the obstruction so he can pee normally, the issue is his prose is very enlarged. I’m praying that’s all he needs.


      • He said exercises in the pool were best right now. I can’t walk long, work in my garden, or anything I really like doing physically, it’s such a bummer. I’m behaving and not pushing my luck! I don’t want anything messing up our vacation. Now to just get rid of my other problem, and I’ll be great. 🤪


  2. lhoke2016@yahoo.com says:

    I wish you lots of luck in your new endeavor. The hours will be tough but will pay off long term. Glad you found a new interest.
    God bless.

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