WOD Challenge-River-6-27-20

We were looking for something to do:

So after we ran our usual errands this morning, we attempted to go to the gun show. We knew masks were a requirement, but didn’t care if it got us out of the house to prevent the hated sitting around-all-day syndrome. On our way, I told Dave that my brother was shocked to learn that people actually floated on the Trinity River and asked him where do they do it anyway? Just a few short minutes later, as we entered a dusty downtown Ft Worth, we crossed said river and saw some people tubing that very spot!

I guess the feared Saharan dust storm made it all the way to Texas, you can see the heavy haze in these pics I snapped.

You can barely see downtown with all the dust!

Going home was just as hazy!

Later, we arrived at the gun show only to find out they were only letting a few in at a time, therefore, it would be at least an hour-long wait in the hot sun, so we decided to leave. A friend told us later we hadn’t missed much. Guns weren’t any cheaper but they did pick up some extra ammo.

After that, we went to Central Market to look for some specialty sausage to go with tomorrow night’s dinner. Donning our masks, we entered what felt like a meat locker and made our purchases and quickly paid and left. We acquired some pork jalapeno cheddar and some chicken of the same flavor sausage from the meat counter. They even have that really expensive Japanese Wagyu beef ($30 per lb.!!) but we are having country style ribs instead ($18 for 2 racks). Someday I’d love to taste that Wagyu beef, it reportedly melts in your mouth it’s so tender, but that will have to be a VERY special occasion!

I’d love to go jump in the pool now, but with the air quality right now, maybe tomorrow would be better. Happy Sabado!

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3 thoughts on “WOD Challenge-River-6-27-20

  1. That haze is something. And I think it is nice you are still able to do these things despite the adjustments necessary to stay safe against the coronavirus. Honestly, we are not terribly inspired to go out because of all the fuss it requires.

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