Aging is Not for Sissies

Afternoon everyone! I am taking a break from my studies to weigh in on aging, since that is the word of the day.

Here lately, I have been waking up groggy and achy, despite the fact that I have not had a drink in several weeks. I feel like I should literally be bouncing out of bed, yet I always have take a few moments to stretch, work out the kinks, pop my back, and shoulders, before I even get out of bed. One good thing, my knee isn’t killing me at the moment. I will get a shot in it next week so that we can go on vacation and hopefully my knee stays good.

I realize that all the typing I’ve been doing with my studies is contributing to the soreness in my shoulders, even though I try to stretch, get up and move around, and all that. The other thing is despite the lack of alcohol in my diet lately, (because I’m battling a UTI or something) I have not lost a pound, actually, I have lost two, gained it back, and lost it again. I am still eating mostly keto, with the occasional cheat, but wth??

My water, tea, Gatorade-0 consumption has tripled, yet I’m still hurting, still having urgency, still not sure my bladder is emptying totally each time. I should be completely flushed out in my humble opinion, so why am I still dealing with this? The doc put me on Keflex the first go-round, which did not work, so then he put me on Cipro. That is strong stuff, and should have fixed me up. Now I’m concerned that it may not be a UTI, but my old pal OAB coming back to haunt me. UGH!! I don’t want to go on that medicine again, so I truly hope that is not it. Maybe I should just try one beverage and see if I feel better afterward, lol! Just kidding.

Of course, I refuse to think that any of this has to do with aging, I’m just having a stroke of bad luck. 😉 What do y’all think?

( I realize I’m making myself sound like an alcoholic, I’m not, but I do enjoy a beverage or two several nights a week. It’s been a bummer going on three weeks with none at all, but the last thing I want is to develop crystals in my urine, something the internet said would happen if I drink on antibiotics like Cipro)


Word of the Day Challenge

A note on my studies, the TA course is going well but I am very rusty on grammar and punctuation, so much practice will be happening there. I also have so much to learn about Word, even though I use it all the time. So many cool tips and tricks I never knew that could save me time! I’m on day 104 of Duolingo and I’ve been going back over old lessons to get me up to level 5 on all of them before I progress to the next tier. My typing lessons are fun, but I have a long way to go!! My accuracy is good (in the 90’s) but my speed is terrible. Plus, I keep wanting to revert back to my old habits, so I’m working hard to stop that! Well, I miss talking to y’all every day, but I am trying to keep up with all of you in the evenings. I’ll check in again soon, have a great Tuesday!


8 thoughts on “Aging is Not for Sissies

  1. lhoke2016@yahoo.com says:

    Hi Kim, That “aging” fellow can be a real P.I.T.A. at times.  It sounds like you have to go thru a workout just to get going?  Same here with crooked spine and compressed discs.  (PITA = pain in the ass) Glad your lessons are going well.  Typing is one of the only things I really retained from high school…used to be pretty good at it, but ol’ Parky is trying to take my hands away.  Still respectable at it, but some days really bad.  Typing class was the best class I  had.  Me, one other guy and 30 girls.  We had it made.  😁 Prayers for your medical issues.  Can’t be fun. Hokey

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    • Thanks, Larry. I hope I get a handle on my issues sooner than later. I’m sorry Parky is giving you trouble. I’m taking Dad to his movement disorder specialist tomorrow, if she has any helpful suggestions I’ll pass them along!


  2. My apologies for not reading this blog sooner than and now. You were probably looking at me crazy as though I did not know anything that was going on with you that you talk about today when we saw each other. What does OAB mean? Wish I had magic solutions for you!

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    • Over active bladder. I had it once before, went on medicine for a while, then things got better and I went off. So, I’m hoping that’s not the problem again, but if it is, at least they have meds for that. And don’t apologize, you are busy too! Just got home from a super easy CPR class, they will email the “card” tomorrow and I’ll forward it to you. They don’t give out cards anymore.


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