WOD Challenge-Stalk 10-26-20

Jack and the Beanstalk-A New Twist on an Old Tale

Jack climbed up the stalk to fetch his old carved head

What he found when he got to the top

Was a frightening sight instead

His head had been replaced you see

With a turnip carved in a smile full of glee

“This won’t do,” Jack cried with a shout,

“My head should be larger,

How will I walk about?”

Nevertheless, Jack grabbed the turnip,

And made his descent. Climbing down and down he went.

Walking about, and thinking aloud,

Stumbling aimlessly through the large crowd.

Seeing him, the village noticed his grin

His head was much smaller, yet happy, so then

They clambered round Jack, clapping his back

Jack wondered, “Why am I suddenly under attack?”

The people were smiling, happy to see him

Not running blindly in terrible fear of him.

“Maybe a grinning, shrunken head is okay”

“I’ll surely make many more friends in this way.”

So now Jack no longer hides in the stalk,

He is free to visit, and walk.

He and his mother now welcome in town

Since Jack no longer wears a frown.

He’s not scary or sad any longer

And as time went by, the town folk felt moved to make

A larger head for Jack, which he was happy to take.

This one was smaller than a pumpkin

Smooth to the touch, carved with a smile

He loved it so much! Now he hands kids candy, not beans

And everyone enjoys many Halloweens!

Jack was a lucky fellow indeed

No longer sporting a pumpkin head

He sports a honeydew melon instead.

With laughing eyes, and a wide toothed grin

He’s happy to be among people again.




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