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Multi-prompt Post- Word of the Day Challenge- JusJoJan

Today’s post covers the Word of the Day, Just Jot it January, and the words Brilliant and Servant.

The sun is shining like a brilliant, bright, bauble in the sky, yet I’m slaving like a servant in the kitchen making batch after batch of sausage. I wish I could go outside and take a long walk in the park, but there’s too much to do. Besides, my irritated knee probably wouldn’t like the exercise right now. Between batches, I’m watching The Twilight Zone marathon on Decades.


Ok, well some of that was a fib. The sausage has been done and vacuum sealed hours ago, but I am watching the Twilight Zone, lol. Some of the sausage we made yesterday, the jalapeño cheddar, is on the smoker, the beans are simmering in the pot, and the breakfast sausage we made this morning is in the freezer except for what we left out to eat for this week. It was a very messy job, worse than putting the sausage into casings. Dave’s arm is killing him, you can see in the photo where his brace was, he took it off to give it a break while we processed the sausage.

Here he was tying a knot in the next casing. The one before was a partial casing due to a tear.

I made dozens of patties and layered them between parchment paper. We will get everything perfected as we practice, I’m sure. I forgot to take pictures of the patties. I used gloves, yet the process was still messy. Meat was everywhere. 🤣 It’s all cleaned up now, and the machinery all put away until next time. We are hosting family dinner as usual, so we just have a few more things to fix to be ready.

The sun really is brilliant though, maybe I will get outside for a bit! ☺️


Word of the Day Challenge

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