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Picking a New Theme

Well, I feel like a change, yet not a drastic one. So I decided I’m picking a new theme and I’ll try it out for a few days and see if I like it. I’ll be happy if y’all give me feedback, good or bad. It’s called Ryu.


Yesterday was a good day because — with the help of a few friends on Facebook — I have found a long-lost friend! I had previously tried to find her on my own, I had even sent letters only to have them returned because the postmaster couldn’t find her.

My Facebook friends are some master sleuths I tell you! They were like a dog with a bone and within two days, I was getting a text from my friend!! All I did was put a few pictures and a query on Facebook and immediately, my friends went to work, found her possible family — the brothers that are still alive, and I contacted each one and patiently waited.

Yesterday, I received word from her brother and after a fact check, he knew I was who I said I was, and I knew he had found my Teresa! She texted me when she got off of work and I was so excited! We talked a bit and agreed to talk more on the phone at a later date, maybe even Facetime! That will be so good to see her again!

We served in the Army together. She was my bestie through basic training and AIT. Then, when we got sent to our permanent parties, we became separated and lost track of each other. She remembered briefly seeing each other again in Ft Carsen, Colorado where I was stationed, but I did not. That is nothing new, I can’t remember 5 minutes ago! 😉

We did everything together, from getting in trouble to going on many adventures. We were thick as thieves back then. I can’t wait to see her and see what she is up to these days. She is still in Michigan, married with no kids, and works night shift at a nursing home. That is all I really know for the moment. Wish me luck! I now have all her contact info in case I want to call, text, or write her a letter!

We have lots of things in common. We have been married for the same amount of years, we both like rock music, and we married on the 7th day of our respective months; she married her high school sweetheart in January and I married David in June! We double dated in AIT, did pushups to China in basic, and constantly got in trouble for talking in formation, lol! I’ll have to ask her if she remembers what “snow snakes” are! We got in trouble for those too! We were both boy-crazy, liked tattoos and dancing, and just had fun living in the moment!

I knew her brother was the real deal when he talked to her, got back to me and called me “Half-pint”. That was a nickname my drill sergeant gave me. That and “alphabet” because my maiden name was so long. That’s how she knew it was really me, when I told her bro my maiden name he said “Bingo!”

I hope you all have a pleasant Monday! Tune out the trash and tune in to your goals. That’s how we’ll get it done in 2021!


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8 thoughts on “Picking a New Theme

  1. I am so happy that you finally found her! I remember when you blogged about trying to find her a long time ago! I absolutely love the new theme, and I will tell you why. Because it is bolder and a little bigger than the old theme! My eyesight could handle seeing the new way so much better!! Please don’t change or revert back!

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    • Thank you! I was so excited to hear from her! I sure hope she wants to FaceTime soon, but she says she is not tech savvy at all.
      Thank you, I thought it was easier to read, I appreciate the positive feedback 🤗😘


  2. Aww, I’m so happy you found your long-lost friend. I know that feeling. I find my friend Theresa again about 6 years ago now and I haven’t been happier. Good luck to you both!

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